Write with Us

The Current Politics initiative invites interested analysts, writers, historians, and any interested individual to submit their original contributions in any subject related to our scope. All opinions, ideologies are welcomed subject to our following guidelines:
  • There is absolutely no compensation for any submitted contribution.
  • No hate or racist speech is allowed, however, any well-founded and supported critique is welcomed.
  • The Current Politics initiative has the absolute authority to accept or refuse any contribution without justification.
  • The publication decision for any submission will be carried out within 5 days and the contributor will be informed via email.
  • Submissions should be at least 500 words or more.
  • The submissions should be related to the scope of the The Current Politics initiative that is shown in https://www.thecurrentpolitics.com/about/
  • Please submit your contributions to submissions@thecurrentpolitics.com.